Door Construction

Our door construction is what differentiates us from our competitors – architectural-grade doors, built to last a lifetime. We offer two different construction methods to bring your dream doors to reality.


Flush Door Construction

Our flush doors feature a standard particleboard core, with alternative options including honeycomb core, stave core, and LSL core. All flush doors are reinforced with structural composite lumber inner stiles and top/bottom rails, as standard. For extra durability, our flush doors are banded with solid hardwood edging to match the door face; whether it be paint grade, veneered, or plastic laminate.

  1. Structural Composite Lumber Top & Bottom Rails
  2. Structural Composite Lumber Inner Stiles
  3. Door Core
  4. Crossband Layer
  5. Solid Hardwood Edging
  6. Door Face

Traditional & Contemporary

Stile and Rail Door Construction

Our stile and rail panel doors are manufactured with authentic stile and rail construction; with tongue-and-groove joints and dowel joinery; combining old-world craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. Our stile and rail doors are never routed from a flush door, and truly built to last a lifetime.

  1. Structural Composite Lumber
  2. Solid Hardwood Edging
  3. Crossband Layer
  4. Door Face
  5. Panel (Paint Grade MDF, Solid Hardwood, Veneered, or open for glass)

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