The RK7000 Collection

Architectural Flush 5-Ply Doors, for commercial and high-end residential applications

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The RK7000 collection offers endless possibilities – choose from wood veneered doors with deep, rich wood grains; or plastic-laminate faced doors.

Key Features


Custom sizing based on your door schedule

Various core options available

High density particleboard core standard, LSL core, lightweight core, or honeycomb core available

Customizable veneer

Choose from various veneer species (natural, reconstituted, engineered), or plastic laminate

Design flexibility

Choose a veneer orientation and matching technique as well as custom grooves, in-lays and lite openings

Fire ratings

20 minute fire rating available

Infinite hardware machining capabilities

Leverages our state-of-the-art CNC machinery

In-house finishing options available

Clear lacquer factory finish, or custom stain to match a control sample

FSC/LEED Certified options available


  • Minimum 3” structural composite lumber top and bottom rails
  • Structural composite lumber inner stile reinforcement
  • Solid hardwood edging
  • AA grade veneer only, custom faces spliced in-house from raw veneer
  • Veneer is pressed to core components with crossband, to prevent telegraphing
  • Customize door construction based on your needs
  • Manufactured with premium North American materials only

The Competition

  • 1” top and bottom rails
  • No inner stile
  • Laminated or veneered edges
  • Out-sourced stock veneer faces, no design flexibility, often B grade or lower
  • Veneer is not completely crossbanded to core components
  • Customized door construction not available
  • Manufactured with international materials

The Collection

Wood Veneer

Plain sliced or quarter sliced

White Maple

White Oak

Red Oak






Plastic Laminate

Virtually any plastic laminate, we work with leading brands including Wilsonart, Formica, Arborite, Pionite

Custom work is our speciality.

RK Doors is able to source specialty, reconstituted, and engineered veneers for your project. Sketch face capabilities are also available. Contact our door experts to get started!


Product specification sheet


Veneering 101


In-stock raw veneers


Grooving and lite door styles


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