RK6000 Collection
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Stile & Rail Doors
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Architectural 3-Ply Flush Wood Doors

The RK6000 Collection

Our most popular product.
Architectural-grade flush wood doors. Our RK6000 doors are constructed with a particleboard core, structural composite lumber reinforcement and solid hardwood edging for ultimate strength and durability. These doors are cost-effective, with no compromise to quality. Offered paint-grade, primed, or factory painted. RK6000 doors are typically used for commercial, as well as high-end residential applications. As always, each door is customized to your requirements.

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Architectural 5-Ply Flush Wood Doors

The RK7000 Collection

Our specialty.
Architectural-grade veneered or plastic laminate (PLAM) solid core doors. Similar to the RK6000, RK7000 doors are constructed with a particleboard core, structural composite lumber reinforcement and solid hardwood edging to match the door face. Choose from our many different veneer options and plastic laminate.

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Fire Rated Doors

20, 45, 60, and 90 minute fire rated doors.
Compliant with manufacturing specifications under the Warnock Hersey Mark, built for positive or neutral pressure as per your requirements.

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Stile & Rail Doors

True stile and rail door construction.
Architectural grade stile and rail doors manufactured with tongue-and-groove joints and dowel joinery. Our stile and rail doors are manufactured with structural composite lumber, solid wood stiles and rails. Offering the options for paint grade, veneered, and faced in plastic laminate.

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Door Frames

Solid hardwood or veneered jamb solutions custom manufactured to your specifications.

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Door Construction

At RK, every project is custom.

Our customers have freedom to customize their doors based on their requirements. The decisions to be made range from various core options, inner stile thickness, top and bottom rail widths, edging thickness, and door facing. Our door construction guide lays out door construction methods. We truly offer manufacturing flexibility, each component of the door can be customized as per your requirements.

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Custom work is our speciality.

RK Doors is able to source specialty, reconstituted, and engineered veneers for your project. Sketch face capabilities are also available. Contact our door experts to get started!

Give us a knock and we’ll be happy to help.

Get in touch with us today and let’s build your dream doors together.

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